Spoiler-Free Review: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige


Amy Gumm grew up in a Kansas trailer park with her pill-popping mother. Amy only wishes that a tornado would carry her away from her life . . . until one actually does.

Amy finds herself recruited by the wicked witches of OZ to take down the one and only Dorothy. Dorothy is not the sweet little girl she used to be. The innocent little farm girl has become an evil tyrant. To protect Oz, Dorothy must die!

I recommend this book to readers who like dark fantasy, retold fairytales, and dystopias. This is the first book in a very gripping series. The whole series is fun, with many nods to both Baums original book and the classic film. Amy Gumm (Judy Garland’s birth name) is a likable anti-social protagonist, something that is often hard to do.

Amy not knowing the ins and outs of Oz and who to trust is a running theme throughout the series. With everything from the merry old land of Oz in chaos, the reader doesn’t know who to trust either.

Full confession: I normally hate Oz retellings. Often retellings of the world of OZ focus on the classic film and ignore key elements in Baums work (looking at you Oz the Great and Powerful) It’s clear that Paige did her homework on this one. She beautifully uses the OZ lore it her advantage.

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