Spoiler-Free Review: Red Queen

by Victoria Aveyard


Imagine Katness caught in A Game of Thrones style political struggle in the X-Men ‘House of M’ reality.

Wow, I’m a nerd!

Ok, so while that maybe the nerdiest description possible, it is the best description I can give for this book.

Human mutation has lead to a society that is divided into two classes: The silver blooded ruling class with their remarkable psychic abilities, and the red blooded commoners.

Mare Barlow is a Red, who finds herself sucked into the complex political world of the Silvers. The King wants to use her as a token Red to quell the growing revolution among the commoners, but the leaders of the so called “Red Dawn” movement want Mare to be their informant. With everyone she’s ever known on the line, which side will Mare pick? and in a world this corrupt, who can she possibly trust?

Both politics, and blood are messy!

I recommend this book to fans of Game of Thrones, and dystopian political pieces like Hunger Games.

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