Mostly-Spoiler-Free review: I Am Princess X

By: Cherie Priest

“Why X?” Libby asked.
“Because X is the most mysterious letter,” May told her. “And things with X’s in them are pretty cool.”

Once upon a time there were two little girls, Libby and May. Together they created a fearless warrior princess, and they named her Princess X. They spent hours writing stories about the crime fighting Princess X with her pretty pink dress, red sneakers, and katana sword.  Then one day, Libby died in a car crash, and May thought Princess X died with her best friend.

Years later May discovers a webcomic staring Princess X. Who’s behind this comic? How do they know about Princess X? Who steals an idea from a dead girl? and is there a message in this comic? Maybe a message meant just for May?

This mystery is light on the mystery (seriously, it’s clear what’s really going on early in the story, and there are no major plot twists) but that’s fine, it’s more about the adventure than anything else.

It’s a fun “turn your brain off” kind of read. What do I mean by “turn your brain off” kind of read? Well, a lot of the logic doesn’t REALLY hold up if you think about it too much. For example:


The world of webcomics is not a great place to get a message to ONE particular person. If, as is reviled, the comic is about getting a message to May, Why not MAIL May the comic?! Yeah. . .  like through the mail, with the post office and stamps.

There are some major computer hackers behind this comic all trying to get a message to May. So how hard can it really be to find May’s address and mail her the comic directly?  Or heaven forbid a letter, explaining the situation and what they need her to do?


If you can ignore some of these issues it’s a fun read. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a light mystery, a touch of action, with a lot of heart and sole.

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