Spoiler-Free Review: Space Case

By: Stuart Gibbs

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“I didn’t like liver and onions back on earth. No one does. So what NASA moron thought it would be a good idea to dehydrate it?”

Life on the moon sucks!
You think it’s going to be an adventure, meeting aliens, space walking, floating in zero gravity, and doing cool experiments. but what NASA doesn’t tell you is: the food sucks, your room is just a sleeping pod, and just going to the bathroom is crazy complicated! Forget outdoor activities like surfing, oh and walking on the lunar surface, only the adults get to do that! Life on the moon is super lame!
12-year-old Dash hates living on Moon Base Alpha. Being stuck in a base about the size of your school, with about twenty other people, (none of them your age) for three whole years, life on the moon couldn’t get more boring
. . . at least it was boring until the day that one of the scientists died on a moon walk.

Everyone is shaken. but Dash is sure he overheard talk about a big discovery, a discovery that was going to change the world. Even though NASA wants to hush up the indecent, Dash wants to know if this was REALLY an accident or if it could have been murder. At least Dash knows one thing, the murderer couldn’t have gone far.
This is a good middle school level mystery. I recommend this book to fans of both scifi and mystery. The science behind the way the moon base works is surprisingly believable, and I love the inserts of the moon base residence guide, it reminded me of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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