Spoiler-Free Review: The Tyrant’s Daughter

by J. C. Carleson

Image result for The Tyrant's Daughter Book cover
“What kind of person doesn’t know whether her father was a king or a monster?”

Laila’s father was a kind and loving husband and father. Laila’s father was also one of the worst tyrants in the world. When her uncle killed her father and took over their country, the family fled to America, exchanging information to the CIA.

Laila had lived her whole life with filters, her internet, her school, even the vial on her head, all blocking out what her parents didn’t want her to know.

Now in America, those vials are starting to come off and Laila is starting to see the bigger picture of the world, and how the world sees her family. As Lalia relearns the history of her country from the outside perspective, she struggles to come to terms with just what kind of man her father was. Whatever Laila believes about the past, her future is still at stake.

Now the CIA, her uncle’s forces, and independent freedom fighters are all set to turn on each other. Laila finds herself in the middle of a dangerous political game where one of the key pawns is her six-year-old brother.

This is a good book about the dual nature of humanity. We are all imperfect humans capable of both good and evil deeds, even tyrants. Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot and other real-world dictators, These tyrants are still human with thoughts and emotions. Hitler loved dogs, apparently, Saddam Hussein was a good father. By all accounts, Kim Jong Un is a loving big brother to his sister and Stalin. . . okay, bad example.

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