Spoiler Free Review: Fables Vol 2: Animal Farm

Some Fables are more equal than others.

Image result for fables vol 2 cover

Author: Bill Willingham

In the world of Fables, all Fables who can’t pass as human are sent to live in an isolated area called “The Farm.” When Snow White visits the farm for a routine check-in, She soon has an animal uprising on her hands.

A great story! The rules for magic, and the Fables seemingly immortality are not really explained. It makes a bit more sense later in the series, but here, it’s kind of weird.

Goldilocks is a great villain! I love the Animal Rights/Communist -terrorist take on her. I like the ending that is reached and the way that a certain red-head is allowed to take control of her future. You really do feel that the solution reached at the end of the story is the best solution possible – not perfect- but it’s the best everyone can do.

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