Spoiler-Free Review: Dealing with Dragons

By Patrica C. Wrede

Image result for dealing with dragons book cover
“Rescuing you was going to be my first big quest,” the knight said gloomily. “You’re sure you don’t want to be rescued?”

Princess Cimorene is not a proper Princess. Instead of learning embroidery or how to curtsy, Cimorene wants to learn fencing, magic, and cooking.

After discovering her parent’s plan to marry her off to an annoying prince, Cimorene runs away and takes the only proper job a princess can have: being the captive princess of a dragon. Okay, so no normal princess wants the job, but Cimorene is not a normal princess.

Cimorene likes her new life with her dragon friend, Kazul. Cimorene spends her days baking, inventorying treasure, and telling the well-meaning knights that she doesn’t need rescuing, but soon Cimorene finds herself on the trail of an evil plot. . .

This is a fun little read. While not as complete a world and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is it’s much easier to read. If you are a fan of fractured fairy tales, you will like Dealing with Dragons.  This is the first of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

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