Spoiler-Free Review: The Selection


This is the novel equivalent of a popcorn chick flick. You know how this Cinderella story ends, but you’re watching it anyway and singing along with the soundtrack.

Author: Kiera Cass

America Singer wants to marry her best friend, Aspen, but her parents wouldn’t hear of it. He is a caste below her. and she definitely can’t tell her parents about Aspen this year, this is the year of Prince Maxon’s selection.

Of all the thousands of girls who put their name in the lottery, thirty-five will be chosen to meet the prince, and one of them will be his princess! Wouldn’t America love the chance to be the future queen? No, but her mom does.

Making a deal with her mother, America agrees to put her name in the lottery . . . and she gets selected. Suddenly, America is in the middle of a fierce competition for a prince she doesn’t love and a crown she doesn’t want.

For Prince Maxon, this artistic girl who doesn’t try to impress him is a breath of fresh air, a true confidant, even if she’s only there to enjoy the nice food.

Will America stay true to Aspen? or will her friendship with Maxon blossom into true love?

I liked this book. I really did. It’s not a modern classic or anything. It’s Cinderella meets 10 Things I Hate About You, it is a teenage romcom set in a dystopian world. I wish some of the political stuff been flushed out a bit more. but at its heart, this is a teenage romcom.

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