Spoiler-Free Review: The False Prince

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“In a crowd of a thousand boys claiming to be the prince, there would be only one with the same look of trouble in his eye.”

Author: Jennifer A. Nielson

The entire royal family of Carthya has died. Well, everyone except for the youngest son Prince Jaron, but he went missing years ago, Jaron must be dead or there would have been some word by now. . . right?

While the noble lords try to figure out lines of secession, lord Bevin Conner plans to put a puppet boy-king on the throne and take power himself, all he has to do is find the long-lost Prince Jaron, or more precisely, an orphan boy who can pass for Jaron with a little training.

Sage and a group of other orphan boys are brought to the Conner estate to learn how to conduct themselves as Prince Jaron. The one Conner picks will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder and being under the thumb of Conner’s every whim, or risk being exposed as an impostor. As for the other boys, they are too dangerous to let live. Those are Conner’s rules, but Sage doesn’t like to play by the rules.

This is a great story! Full of mystery, coups, and false identities. I highly recommend this book to fans of fantasy and mysteries.

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