Spoiler-Free Review: Artemis Fowl

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By Eoin Colfer

The Fowl family has amassed a fortune through their criminal empire. An empire that is on the brink of collapse. Artemis Fowl is a twelve-year-old boy genius whose family is on the brink of losing it all, he needs money to keep his family together. Lots of money, fast!

Holly Short is a  Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance officer – that’s right she’s a LEPRcon – and we all know what happens when you catch a leprechaun. . .

But Holly is not content to be ransomed for a pot of gold, she’ll escape if she can.

It’s technology and human ingenuity vs ancient fairy wisdom. Let the battle of wits begin!

The best villains are just heroes with a different point of view, and that is something that Colfer nails about this book. While Artemis is the criminal mastermind It is easy to understand him and since he wants to do something that is noble – to save his family – we can root for him in a weird way.

Holly is a female action hero done right! There is a tendency to make female action heroes either too tough that they are straight up cruel (Marvel’s current Captain Marvel) or pretend-to-be tough girls who need constant rescue (Twilight’s Bella). I really like that Holly has the ‘masculine’ qualities that any action hero needs: smart, strong, and resourceful, but Holly also has the ‘feminine’ traits every hero should have: caring, compassionate, and hard working.

I recommend this book to fans of fantasy, action, and anyone looking for a thrilling battle of the minds.

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