Spoiler- Free Review: Siren

Author: Kiera Cass

How can you live with yourself if your convinced you are a monster?

Image result for the siren book cover

Kahlen is not human, not anymore. 80 years ago, she drowned. She now lives as a siren. serving the Ocean by luring the doomed to a watery grave. She hates herself for what she’s become, and what the Ocean makes her do.

Then she meets Akinli, a human, and her world changes. There’s nothing wrong with a siren having fun with human men when they are off duty, but don’t even think about falling in love. That can be vary dangerous. The Sea is a very jealous master.

I did not care for this story. It’s a kind of twist on The Litter Mermaid, but with more death, although there is already plenty of that in the Anderson tale. This loose retelling of little mermaid was okay, but not great. There were some ideas I wish they had explored, like WHY the Ocean needs to feed on humans, but it’s not really a story about the world building. It’s about the love story.

I was concussed by many parts of this novel. We’re told that the siren’s change from simple human girls into beautiful sirens, but do the sirens change back after they serve their 100 years? or do they keep the inhuman beauty? The Ocean says she doesn’t like the human sacrifices. . . so why are they necessary? Just how much can the siren’s break the rules without getting killed? How are siren’s chosen? So many unanswered questions.

If you’re looking for a teen paranormal romance, this is a fine choice. But don’t be fooled into thinking this is fantasy.

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