Spoiler-Free Review: The Princess Diaries

Image result for princess diaries book coverAuthor: Meg Cabot

Mia thought she was a normal high school kid with an artsy mom and a barely there dad whose some big wig in another country. She was wrong.

When her dad learns that he can’t have any more kids, Mia’s life changes forever. Turns out: her dad is the crown prince of Genovia. Since he will now only ever have one kid, Mia has to learn how to be a princess wither she likes it or not.

Mia longs for her normal life back, but with her mom dating her teacher, getting into fights with her best friend, and having to sit through her overbearing grandeur’s ‘Princess Lessons’, Mia is starting to understand that life as a princess, is no fairy tale.

This is a very fun book. Teenage me read the whole thing in one sitting. (and no, even though I’m a librarian that is not normal.) The target demographic is teenage girls, and that is exactly who will love this book. The focus is on how being a princess screw up Mia’s normal teenage life.

Even if you have seen the Disney movie, you will still enjoy the book as they are different enough to make the story enjoyable. This is the first in a series about Mia so be warned: Cabot intentionally left some loose plot lines.

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