Spoiler-Free Review: The Wayarer Redemption


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“A day will come when born will be, two babes whose blood will tie them.”


Note: This is not a series about redeaming gift cards on a home decor website.

Axis is a warrior of the realm and the bastard-born half-brother of Duke Borneheld. He’s also in love with his half-brother’s betrothed, Faraday. To even say it out loud is treason. That’s going to make things awkward.

Axis is sent on a mission to escort Faraday to the wedding. Little did they know this mission would change their lives. Soon, things take a turn for the weird. There are rumors that the Forbidden Ones, inhuman creatures once driven to the mountains and the forests, are on the move.

Axis and Faraday will have to ask themselves many questions. Why did the ancestors destroy the forest? Was it their biggest triumph, or their biggest mistake? What do the Forbidden Ones want? Does it have anything to do with the reports from the north?

This book series has so many twists and turns, it’s hard to talk about it without ruining some big part of the story. so I won’t.

I love Sara Douglass, she’s a great writer. If Fables was my gateway into comics, The Wayfarer Redemption was my gateway into adult fantasy. I have two main criticisms. The prophesy is straight forward and Axis himself.

The prophecy is vague, but very straight forward. When the events come up in the book it’s not a big surprise. It warns about a betrayal, and there is a character who practically says he’s going to betray them, and they ignore him. Shockingly he betrays them!

Axis himself is kind of a jerk. Not to get into too much spoiler territory with the other books in this series, but there is a love triangle plot, and even in-universe it’s too painful to sit through. Axis actually contemplates bigamy at one point because he cares for both of them. Even in-universe, everyone is screaming at Axis to just pick one, and marry her already! I know that character’s need flaws, but this love triangle just went on WAY too long!

I liked Douglass’ Troy Game series a bit better, but this is a good series too. Be warned though: You can’t just read one book. There are multiple trilogies in this fictional universe.


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