Mostly-Spoiler-Free Review: What Light

Author: Jay Asher

I never thought Hallmark Channel Original movies had novel adaptations, but apparently, I just read one.

Image result for jay asher what light
“Forget logic…Logic doesn’t know what you want.”

Sierra is a girl who lives on a Christmas tree farm in Oregon. Every year her parents travel down to California and sell Christmas trees on a big lot. but the lot is not making the kind of money that selling the trees to big box stores is so this may be the family’s last year traveling down to California, this is not the year for Sierra to get a Christmas boyfriend. . . then along came Caleb

This is a teen version of the Hallmark Channel original movies. I think I lost brain cells reading this dribble!

This is hammy emotional dribble, all for the sake of being emotional dribble. I cared less about her doomed little non-romance than I did about her tree being cut down!

Here are my reasons why:

I already knew Jay Asher doesn’t know how depression works, turns out Asher thinks no one else knows how trees work! Asher seems to think things like tying up the branches on a tree with netting must be described in painful detail for us drooling mouth-breathers!

By the way, who in the hell plants a Christmas tree in a forest, on the top of a hill. Have you ever SEEN the evergreens that survive those conditions? Unless you want a Charlie Brown tree, it’s not a good place to plant a tree.

I live in a rural area so someone from the city please tells me, is trimming an inch off a tree some mysterious practice to most people? I thought it was common knowledge that it helps the tree absorb water. Good grief Charlie Brown, am I supposed to be shocked that they still make wooden Christmas trees?

Does Asher think that hot cocoa and a candy cane is unique? Peppermint hot cocoa is one of my favorite Christmas time treats, and for a record, it tastes nothing like a mocha! I can understand teens thinking that peppermint hot cocoa makes them cool and adult, so I don’t blame the novel for that. But Asher really seams to think that Sierra putting a candy cane in a cup of hot cocoa is something that makes her interesting and quirky, it doesn’t.

Jay Asher fails yet again to understand how people work. Spare yourself my pain!

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