10 Best Books I Read in 2018

I read a lot of books. This is a list of my favorites

10. Artimis Fowl

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Artimis has a plan to help his family. The plan is simple. Kidnap a leprecon, hold her for ransom, get the gold, save his family. There’s just one problem: Fairies are tricky creatures and they don’t like being held captive.

It’s technology and human ingenuity vs ancient fairy wisdom. Let the battle of wits begin!

9. Gone With the Wind


This really is a beautifully written novel. The epic story follows Scarlett’s journey from southern belle to a bitter, hardened woman.

I do recommend reading it, but be warned: it is very racist.

8. Cinder


As a cyborg Cinder is a second-class citizen, not to mention she has to live with her step-mother/owner, who hates Cinder’s guts.

It’s a great retelling of Cinderella that makes the story new again. Like any good cyberpunk story, this will be a hit with fans of both Scifi and Fantasy stories. I’m not going to pretend that this is great literature. It’s fun. Iko could have been a supper annoying sidekick, but I ended up liking her.

Meyer’s ability to retell classic tales with a cyberpunk slant is top notch. I’ve read a lot of retellings of Cinderella, and this is easily my favorite.

7. The Program

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Set in a world where teenage suicide is classified as an epidemic, everyone wants to make sure that the disease doesn’t spread. Teens are under constant surveillance for signs of depression and ANY sign gets you landed in The Program. The only proven treatment.

I loved this book. The characters felt very real. I really liked that there is no evil villain. They are trying to cure depression, but just like doctor’s of old, they will do terrible things “for your own good.”

6. Mister Miracle


Okay, so I like rather obscure Jack Kirby heroes. Given to the evil Darksied as a baby as part of a prisoner exchange, Scott grew up in a literal prison. Eventually escaping to earth Scott became an escape artist and member of the justice league. The only thing he can’t escape from is death.

I have loved this series and all the twists and turns it has taken.

5. Illuminae

Image result for illuminae book cover

When a mining colony is attacked as the opening move of a corporate war, 17-year-old evacuees, and ex-couple, Kady and Ezra are just grateful to be alive. But they have no idea that the fight for their lives has just begun.

I do not use the term “Emotional Roller Coaster” lightly. But that really does describe this book. It’s part romance, part action, part mystery, part survival horror, with a sci-fi backdrop that is just as thrilling, beautiful, and terrifying as space itself.

4. Fables

Image result for Fables Vol 1 cover

Snow White’s sister, Rose Red, is missing. The reformed Big Bad Wolf (Bigby) is on the case to find her, but what happened? Why is her apartment covered in blood? Where is her body? With Snow White, Jack Horner, Prince Charming, and Blue Beard as suspects, Sheriff Bigby has to unravel this mystery as soon as possible.

Snow White may have issues with her party-girl twin sister, but she throws herself into Bigby’s investigation and when the deputy-mayor pushes for answers, she tends to get them. On top of trying to find her sister Snow has to arrange the annual fundraising ball and deal with her playboy ex-husband, Prince Charming.

Life is a fairy tale. . .  written by the Brother’s Grimm.

3.Hitchickers’ Guide to the Galaxy


When aliens demolish earth to make way for a space highway, Arthur Dent finds himself hitchhiking across the universe with his best friend Ford Prefect. Ford finally confesses to Arthur that he is not an unemployed actor as Arthur always thought, but an alien researcher for the intergalactic travel guide: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Ford is bringing Arthur on the road trip of a lifetime filled with bad poetry, improbable escapes, and a bowl of petunias! They join forces with a depressed robot, the president of the galaxy, and the girl Arthur met at a party once. Together they are looking for the meaning of life, the universe, and everything! Better bring a towel!

2. The Ice Dragon

Image result for the ice dragon

1. And Then There Were None

Ten little sailor boys went out to dine . . . This is the original “We’re all trapped here, and one of us must be the killer!” story and there is a reason that everyone rips it off. What I love is that the point of view shifts so that you get everyone’s perspective, and without the main character it’s harder to tell who will live and who will die. Since the POV shifts to all ten characters, you actually do see the mind of the killer, and Christie’s writing gives you the motive, without ever making you realize who the killer is until the end.Related image

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