Spoiler Free Review: Fables Vol 3: Storybook Love

Not everyone gets to live happily ever after

Image result for fables vol 3

When Bluebeard wants them out of the way for a while. Snow White and Bigby Wolf find themselves deep the middle of the woods with no memory of how they got there. Now they must find their way through the forest and back to Fabletown, but if you learn anything from living through as many fairytales as Snow and Bigby, you learn that a forest is never a safe place, and someone seems to be following them.

This story throws Snow and Bigby together and forces them to ask themselves how they feel about each other, and it ends on a bitter sweet moment that matches the tone of this series perfictally.

There are other side stories in this volume too. After all a series about fairytale characters needs to have a random fairytale every once and a while. We also have the first Jack solo story. It’s ok, but not the greatest.

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