Review: Unplanned

Image result for abby johnson unplanned

Author: Abby Johnson

Unplanned in the memoir of activist Abby Johnson. She explains her journey from college volunteer at her local clinic, to Planned Parenthood clinic director, and her disillusionment with the organization.

Johnson opens this memoir with a chilling narrative of seeing an ultrasound-guided abortion. She describes seeing the fetus try to move away from the suction tube in what she calls a fight for its life. Johnson describes the whole thing in chilling detail and her conviction that she had just seen a murder.

Most of the book covers Johnson’s career in Planned Parenthood from college volunteer to counselor, to clinic director, and her very messy split from the organization.

I really enjoyed her honesty. Johnson does not paint anyone at Planned Parenthood as the kind of villain seen in a Pureflix movie. No matter where you are politically on this issue, this book sheds light on what the other side thinks.

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