Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


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“Hearing voices no one else can hear isn’t a good sign, even in the wizarding world.”


I’m starting to get it. I’m starting to get the appeal of this series.

Author: J. K. Rowling

Something dark is happening at Hogwarts this year. The most annoying side character in the world shows up to stop Harry from going back to school. Luckily, Harry has friends like Ron and Herminie.

When mysterious writing appears on the wall saying that the chamber of secrets is open, it’s up to Harry, Ron, and Herminie to save the day. . . because heaven forbid the adults do anything.

I liked the book a lot and I will confess that I am starting to see the whimsy and charm that appeals to so many of my fellow millennials. I still say there are better works out there, but I get the appeal.

While I enjoyed this book more than the first, this does confirm to me that Hogwarts should be shut down for being unsafe for students. There is a killer monster in the basement!

Knowing that Harry and Jenni end up together as adults, it’s kind of weird seeing her puppy-dog crush on him here. I don’t know, weird as it is to marry your friend’s sister it’s even weirder if you two grew up together. Harry never had a stable loving homelife to draw from, so Harry ending up with someone from his childhood is a little creepy. You need to focus on healing from the emotional neglect you’ve suffered from Harry, not looking for a girlfriend among the middle schoolers. Just saying.

Is there such a thing as Deus ex-hat? Come on Potter fans you have to admit, Harry randomly pulling the sword out of the sorting hat was rather lazy writing. When was it established that there was stuff inside the sorting hat?! A magical world needs rules! If anything can happen, then their no tension or drama because the characters can always just magic their problems away.

I’m starting to wonder if this Deus ex-ending is a thing that all J. K. Rowling’s books have, we shall see.

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