Spoiler-Free Review: The One


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“Not wanting the crown means you’re probably the best person to have it.”

The Selection Series: book three

Time for Maxon to make his final selection

Author: Kiera Cass

The Selection has been winnowed down to just 5 girls. Maxon loves America, but he fears that she is keeping secrets. America loves Maxon, but things aren’t that simple.

America is already on thin ice with the king, and she’s already seen a girl who tangled with a guard be beaten, how can she tell Maxon the truth about her past with Aspen now? How can she not? and how will Aspen take the news that she doesn’t love him that way anymore?

To make matters worse, guards are going AWALL at the same time the rebels are stepping up their attacks on the palace.

This book ends in the only way it could. If you’ve made it this far into the series, you can already predict how this ends. I still liked the book, but it was predictable, complete with the second act misunderstanding. Cass throws in enough twists and turns that it’s not borning. I saw the revile about America’s dad coming since the last book, but it was well done.

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