Book Review: Troublemaker

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“You were either all in or all out. It is an extremist religion. There is no middle ground. And there within its structure lies the danger.”

Wait, if I review this book, do I get a Scientology hate site? Cool, let’s do this!

Author: Leah Remini

I never knew much about Scientology until I saw this:

After that epic rant/poetry slam I stated researching Scientology, and I soon developed a fascination with this cult and others like it.

At the same time, I was watching The King of Queens. Leah Remini was funny and had the right amount of attitude without being a jerk. When I first heard that she was a Scientologist, I was saddened and hoped that one day she was get away from that horrible cult. In 2013 she did.

Some of you are probably thinking how close-minded of me to call Scientology a cult. After all, I make no secret on this blog that I’m a Chrstian, who I’m I to question someone’s faith.

To this I say: faith is one thing, falling for a conartst is another. L. Ron Hubbard only started calling it a religion because he got in legal trouble for calling his work in dianetics “The science of mental health” since that would be practicing medicine without a license.

This memoir is Leah Remini’s story of how she got into the cult of Scientology, what her life in Scientology was like, and why she left. If you like me are interested in studying how cults operate, this is a good read.

I’m going to make a plug here and say get it on audiobook, it is worth it! Leah reads the book herself and since she both wrote it and reads it, her voice and personality REALLY shine through.

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