Spoiler-Free Review: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Image result for me and earl and the dying girl book cover
“We used to be pretty good friends, but fourteen-year-old girls are psychotic.”

Greg and Earl try to cheer up… whats-her-face, The Dying Girl… yeah you! Uh, cancer sucks but don’t feel bad… and stuff.

Author: Jesse Andrews

This is not a story about a dying girl who is full of life. This is the story of Greg, a guy who just wants to get through high school without bringing attention to himself, and Earl, who just wants to get through high school period.

Greg’s Mom gets the idea that the boys should befriend a girl from school because she’s dying from cancer…. Her name is Rebecca actually, thanks for thinking she’s going to die you jerks!

It’s a hilariously realistic look at high school with that makes the bold statement that cancer sucks!

I loved this book. I have an issue with sappy, stories about tragic first love and death. And this book is cool about hating those things too. This satirizes this tragic first love genre like Jane Austin satirized romantic gothic in her day and I loved it.

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