Game of Thrones Rant Part 2

The ending of Game of Thrones sucked. But I have confidence the books won’t suck. I’m going to go through the main characters in the series and compare their story lines with where I think their story lines will go in the books.

Be warned:


Where we left her in the books: Danny had allowed the fighting pits in Meereen to open. At the fight, Drogon arrives and Danny is the only one who can calm him. She hops on his back, and they fly off to the Dothraki sea. Danny gets really sick after eating some sketchy wild barriers. Suffers what seams to be a miscarriage. Quaithe then comes to Danny in a dream encouraging her to “Remember who you are.” Danny wakes up feeling better, Drogon roasts an horse and they start eating. Then Danny sees some Dothraki coming towards them.

Where I think she will go: The Dolthraki will want to take Danny to Vaes Dothrak, but Drogon is right there, so I don’t know if Danny will want to go there. Regardless if it is this one khalasar or all the khalasars in Vaes Dothrak Danny will “go back to go forward” rallying the Dolthraki to follow her. I think she will use the Dothraki and the Second Sons to bring peace to Meereen. . . on the end of a sword. and this will convince her that it is the best way to bring peace, by forcing people to get along. Once that’s done, she will turn her eyes to Westeros. I’m not sure how the news of Quentyn’s death or Young Griff’s war will affect her plans though.

Long Term I think Danny will fail in her plan to take Westeros. I just don’t see this series ending with anyone ruling the seven kingdoms.

Jon Snow

Where we left him in the books: Jon gets a nasty letter from Ramsey Bolton about how Ramsey defeated Stannis, and he makes a bunch of crazy demands for a hostages, many of whom aren’t even at the wall. Bad as this news is for Jon, there is one glimmer of hope. Ramsey demands that Jon surrender “my bride” telling Jon that his sister escaped Winterfell (Note: in the book it’s not Sansa but a girl dressed up to look like Arya.) So Jon announces that he’s going to abandon the Night’s Watch and save his sister. Jon is stabbed by his crying brothers “for the watch” and Jon collapses onto the snow.

Where I think he will go: It depends on if Jon is dead or just injured in the book. There was some tensions between factions just before Jon was stabbed, what exactly happened after Jon lost consciousness?

Like in the show, Melisandre may use her power to bring him back to life, or he may just wake-up having the wildlings tending his stab wounds. I don’t think it’s likely that Jon died and will stay dead. Either way, Jon is a member of the Nights Watch and will need to re-evaluate his knee-jerk decision to leave the watch. The Nights Watch doesn’t even have enough food to get through the winter, and Ice Zombies are coming. They need a leader more than ever. But can Jon lead men who literally stabbed him in the back?

I’m not sure where Jon goes from there. Are there enough followers of R’hllor at the wall that Jon would be seen as a messiah figure? or would the Black Brothers expel him out of fear? I’m not sure.

Long Term I think Jon learns his parentage, but by then it won’t matter. He is a man of the Nights Watch, and he will guard the realms of men.


Where we left her in the books: Arya is in the house of black and white training. They are a very hands-on-learning school with lots of internship opportunities. Arya is sent to the docks to learn how to watch people, she temporarily blinded to learn how to listen, and last we knew, she’s being set to learn acting skills with a group of street performers.

Where I think she will go: I think that Arya will continue her training and be sent to kill another character which will bring her in conflict with her sense of identity. We know that Faceless men have a policy that they do not kill people they know, so I think Arya will be sent to murder “Lady Stoneheart” (her mother) or “Alayne Stone” (her sister)

Long term I think that Arya dies and wargs into Nymeria. In the books Arya has warged into her dire wolf before, and I honestly think that’s the best ending for her. I think Arya will give her mother the mercy of death, and be killed by one of her followers. Arya, a girl who has longed for home and family, will warg into a powerful she-wolf surrounded by a pack of wolfs that will never leave her side.

The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives


Where we left him in the books: After a stint as a Yunkai slave, Tyrion pays the wealth of the Lannisters to join the Second Son’s sellsword company. Tryion’s plan at this point seams to be to convince the Second Sons to join Daenerys’ side in the coming conflict in Meereen.

Where I think he will go: Tyrion will claw his way up, he is the son of Tywin Lannister after all. At this point Tyrion will side with whoever will be advantageous for him. What Tyrion really wants is to find his first wife Tysha. While there are theories about where Tysha is I don’t think she’s the Sailor’s Wife or Penny’s mother. I don’t think Tyrion will ever see her again. Even if he does find her, how will Tysha feel about Tyrion after he was complacent in her being gang rapped? I doubt she’ll just fall into his arms.

Will Tyrion patch things up with Sansa? They are still married under Westerosi law, and it would be weirdly fitting for all the chaos between Stark and Lannister to end with a marriage. I could see them rekindling things as a power alliance. Both having given up on the idea of love, and seeking power instead.

This post is getting long, and I have so much more to talk about. Bran, Sansa, Sam, Cercei and the other characters you love, and hate will be in the third part of my rant. I also want to hear from you, what do you think will happen in the books?

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