Spoiler-Free Review: Crazy Rich Asians

“Finish everything on your plate, girls! Don’t you know there are children starving in America?”

Author: Kevin Kwan

Rachel is your average hardworking Chinese American girl. Her boyfriend, Nick is also Chinese… by way of elite British boarding schools and lavish family estates in Singapore. He may have forgotten to mention that.

When Nick brings Rachel home to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding, Rachel finds herself thrown head first into a world of real designer gowns, and fake friends. Rachel has always known Nick was a good catch, but she never imagined that she was dating one of Singapore’s most eligible bachelors.

Nick loves Rachel and he’s sure they can make things work, just like his cousin Astride and her husband Mike. They came from different worlds too, but look how happy Astride is with…wait, where is Mike?

Rachel doesn’t know what to make of this whole new side to Nick’s life. Does everyone think she’s dating Nick for the family money she never even knew he had? Can a normal American girl survive in the deep-end with these crazy rich Asians?

This is a really fun Romcom of a book. I’m not one for romance, but well-written romcoms are always welcome. Most modern-day romantic comedies are re-tellings of Jane Austin novels. This one reminded me of Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudices not through plot, but character and theme. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, good read!

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