Review: The Good Neighbor

When I was a little girl I had a neighbor. He was a warm wonderful man who welcomed everyone into his home. He talked to all us kids about our problems, he taught us to be good people, and he even played make-believe with us. All the kids in my neighborhood called him “Mr. Rogers.” Maybe you were his neighbor too.

Please won’t you be my neighbor?

Fred Rogers never wanted a biography about himself, but he deserves to be remembered.

I read this through audio book and I strongly recommend reading it that way. Why? because it opens with the theme song! If that’s not enough when the narration starts you realize that it’s Levar Burton. Levar Burton from Reading Rainbow is telling you about Mr. Rogers!! this is not just a biography, it’s childhood in an MP4 file!

I get that biographies are not for everyone. and I won’t say that I was on the edge of my seat. but it helped me to understand how Mr. Rodger’s neighborhood came into being, and his philosophy with children that was so honest and real. If you’ve even been curious about the man behind the neighborhood I strongly recommend this book.

My favorite parts of this were the little behind the scenes stories like talking to people in the puppet voices-Apparently it was King Friday who ordered the Rogers children to bed-and the origins of Danial Tiger. This was a great book, that made me smile while I was reading it.

Reading this book made for a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

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