Spoiler-Free Review: Hogsfather

“Though here’s a tip, though. Just ‘ho, ho, ho’ will do. Don’t say, ‘Cower, brief mortals’ unless you want them to grow up to be moneylenders or some such.”

Author: Terry Pratchett

Susan is a governess and she has a rocky relationship with Death. He’s her grandfather. When Death arrives to leave presents for the children instead of the Hogsfather, Susan has some questions. Turns out Death is filling in because there is a plot to murder the Hogfather. A plot that could destroy the very fabric of the Discworld!

What kind of monster wants to kill the jolly old elf anyway? It’s up to Susan to find out and save Hogswatch!

I liked this novel. It’s fun and dark and lighthearted all at the same time. It’s the classic “we have to save Christmas plot” with a Terry Pratchett twist. This is actually a great way to ease into the Discworld universe if you’ve never read a discworld book before.

This is my first novel with Susan and I really do like her. Susan is much like you might expect a human raised by Death. She’s tough, while still being nice. She’s warm without being bubbly. She has a wit and sarcastic sense of humor. . . I’m describing myself. okay, I’m good with that.

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