Forget Star Wars IX. Read This Instead

Yeah, there’s a Star Wars movie coming out this weekend, but please. I beg you, don’t go see it. We all know it’s going to suck! Instead stay inside and read a book.

I never had any desire to read the Star Wars expanded universe books before the Star Wars sequel movies came out. Return of the Jedi was an ending I was happy with, then The Force Awakens pulled me back in. This movies were so under developed, and poorly written. I knew there had to be better Star Wars Episode VII, VIII, and IX out there, and I found them!

Forget the movies, this is the sequel trilogy to bring balance to the force!

Star Wars: Hire to the Empire

Author: Timothy Zahn

This story is set five years after Return of the Jedi. The Empire was broken the day they blew up the second death star, but not defeated. Imperial Admiral Thrawn has taken command of the Imperial fleet. The Empire still holds a seat of power in many parts of the galaxy, but they are loosing more and more systems everyday as the New Republic establishes itself.

Thrawn wants to get rid of the Skywalker twins. Luke wants to rebuild the Jedi, Leia wants to rebuild the Republic, and Han just wants his pregnant wife to slow down and take care of herself!

While threats against the Skywalkers are nothing new, kidnapping plots are. Convinced they want the unborn twins, Han is desperate to keep Leia and the babies safe, and when Han finds out who is responsible, he and Lando are going to make them hurt!

Meanwhile, Luke senses the presents of another Jedi, and he sets out in the hopes of finding new allies, and perhaps he will… in the most unlikely of places.

I highly recommend reading this book. It is far more entertaining than what we are getting in theaters. Luke isn’t murdering his nephew, Leia is doing diplomatic stuff, instead of fighting the same war for 30+ years. and best of all: There’s no Canto Bight! Oh and and it’s also the introduction of Mara Jade. but she’s a minor character, it doesn’t really matter.

If you’ve had issues with Star Wars in theaters lately, check this series out!

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