Spoiler-Free Review: Fables Vol 4

“An election is just a romance writ large, with an entire community, rather than a single woman, as the object of one’s pursuit.”

For the first time in over a hundred years, someone from the home world has escaped and come to seek refuge in Fable town. Little Red Ridding Hood. And the Big Bad Wolf smells a spy.

It seamed the door she used to escape is also open to the adversaries minions, and it’s not long before the Fables will have to defend the home they’ve built here.

What could possibly make this situation worse? It’s an election year! And Prince Charming has set his sights on being mayor.

I love this comic. The twists and turns are so much fun! I could sit here and summarize the whole thing, about how brilliant the whole world-building is, but I won’t. You clicked on a spoiler-free review, and I will not spoil things!

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