The Cat In The Hat

Image result for the cat in the hat

Author: Dr. Seuss

Quick! tell me don’t look

at the shelf,

what was the first book

that you read by yourself?

unless your parents had

an unusual muse

you just listed a work

from the great Dr. Suess

I’ll give you one even better than that,

I’d bet ten to one, you said “Cat in the Hat.”

What is it about

this troublesome feline?

that makes us all shout

“this book is divine!”

Maybe he appeals

to a universal truth

about something we feel

when we’re in our youth

a rambunctious spirit

in a tall chapeau

inspires us to break all the rules

just not an elbow

Put your toys away you

when playtime is through

If you don’t know the Suess

it’s a great place to start

read the Cat in the Hat

and stay young at heart!

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