Mostly-Spoiler Free Review: The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Is there such a thing as a “basic” book nerd? If there is, the protagonist of this book, is one.

I’ll prove it. Guess the following:

  • Nina’s favorite book
  • Where Nina works
  • What kind of pet Nina has

You guessed right.

“Being with you is as good as being alone.”

Author: Abbi Waxman

The overall plot about Nina finding out her absent father died and her relationship with her new-found half siblings is a good one. I do wish that Nina’s horrible mother was called out a bit more. True Nina’s mom took care of her physical needs, but the girl was abandoned for months at a time with nothing but a nanny. Childcare is not a substitute for parenting!

Remember: if a man abandons his kids, he’s a dead beat dad. If a woman does it, she’s liberated.

The stakes in this book are so crazy small, it’s pathetic. Will Nina go on a date? Will she loose weight? Will her half siblings accept her? Nina is a very underwhelming protagonist. She’s not driven, doesn’t even want to become driven. Even the plot to save the bookstore where she works is tacked on and has little to do with Nina.

side note: I hope Nina is paid by the hour for how much time she spends at the book store running book clubs and stuff.

I understand that not every story needs to have the fate of humanity on the line, but I found myself not caring about Nina, or if her cat would except her new boyfriend.

The opening scene where the spoiled brat is trying to return Pride and Prejudice because she didn’t like it, was cringe inducing. Liking Jane Austen does not make you special Nina.

I am not a fan of this book, I get that it’s self insert fiction. but it’s Really not for me.

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