Spoiler-Free Review: A Simple Favor

“You’d be amazed by what people will do. Things they’d never admit to anyone—not even to themselves.”

I wanted to like this book. I was all set to like this book. When I started reading I really thought I was going to like this book.

The set up is great, a mommy blogger, Stephanie Ward does a favor for working mom Emily: babysit her son for an afternoon. But when Emily doesn’t come to pick up her son this simple favor turns into a missing persons report, an affair and possibly, murder.

It just couldn’t stick the ending. One too many plot twists bend the plot so far back on itself that it break this mystery/thriller novel. It thinks it’s smarter than it really is. If you do want to read it I won’t ruin it for you.

It’s not necessary a bad thriller novel, But I can think of far better ones out there.

Still, I know this book is rather popular. Did you read it? Did you like it?

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