Spoiler-Free Review: Fables Vol 5

Snow White is a mother now, Prince Charming is running for mayor, and Cinderella is… a spy?!

The only easy day was yesterday.”

Fables Vol 5 picks up after the war for Fabletown. How do the fables put the pieces of their lives together after having to fight for their new home? Prince Charming is running for Mayor, Bigby quits as Sheriff. Snow White has her baby. . . and then a few more. As they can’t all pass as human Snow has to take the babies to the Farm. The one place their father, Bigby, is forbidden to go. This is going to be one cold cruel winter.

While this is a transitional piece largely setting up the coming storylines, It’s well worth the read. Just remember that this is a collection of an anthology comic book and not a self-contained graphic novel.

I love this series!

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