Spoiler-Free Review: Cyerfrog Blood Honey


Earth gets invaded by a race of alien bees called the Vyzpzz. Instead of using pollen as the base for their honey, the Vyzpzz use human blood. Our only hope is Trikk Rhan. An organic techno-creature, programmed to take on the physical characteristics of the first earth-based lifeform it saw… which turned out to be a frog.

Nicknamed Cyberfrog by his teenage sidekick, Heather, Trikk Rhan fights the kinds of crimes no human police department could hope to stop. As for Trikk Rhan, taking on these psychotic super-powered mutants is just training for the coming Vyzpzz invasion. So you’d think that when it actually happened, he’d be a bit more on the ball. Oops!

I’m not going to lie, most of this comic is backstory. Needed backstory, but still backstory. It is, narratively speaking, the first act in a three act structure. The cliffhanger for this comic is the introduction of the second act. This comic does really leave you wanting more, I was upset when I turned the page and found that the rest of the book’s pages were concept art.

That being said the art is AMAZING!

I wished there was more Salamandroid. I loved him from his first line in this comic:

“Are you my mother?”


“I love you”

Cyberfrog and Salamadroid are fun in their own ways with Heather being the “April O’Neal” to balance their eccentricities. This is a solid team and I look forward to seeing more of their adventures. Heather is a nice enough character, but given the nature of the cliffhanger, we are going to need to be re-introduced to her so I hope that part goes well in the next issue.

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