Spoiler-Free Review: The Chosen One

“I’m my mother’s first child, born when she was almost fourteen years old.”

Author: Carol Lynch Williams

Kyra Carlson has lived a very sheltered life. It’s just her, her mother, her father, his two other wives, and her twenty siblings… and the prophet.

When the prophet announces that Kyra will be the seventh wife of an old man. Kyra makes the decision to flee from the polygamist society she’s always known, but leaving isn’t going to be that easy.

My copy of the book contained an interview with Williams where she admitted that this book was based on stories of young people escaping from Fundamentalist Mormon Compounds.

I liked this book. I’m no expert on the FLDS but I know that I want Warren Jeffs’ cellmate to do to him what he did to those little girls. All that being said, I think the story here is accurate to FLDS like cults.

The mobile library was striking to me. We don’t really have those here in New England and I don’t know why. Apparently, the rest of the country gets these cool buses driving around to parks and stuff bringing books and programs to the people; Meanwhile, in New England we sit in our Carnegie towers and cry that the children do not come.

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