Spoiler-Free Review: Magpie Murders

“You’d have thought that after twenty years editing murder mysteries I’d have noticed when I found myself in the middle of one.”

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Alan Conways new murder mystery novel, the last in his best-selling series is finally here! and in the wake of the author’s tragic death everyone is so thrilled to read his magnum opus…

and hits a brick wall. The last chapter is missing!

That’s right, after this book gets you all snuggled into an Agatha Christie style cozy murder mystery, it pulls the rug out from under you and throws you into a completely new mystery as editor Susan Ryeland tries to find the missing chapters, and finds herself caught up in a gripping modern thriller.

I liked this book. I liked the wraparound plot. I was just far enough into the cozy murder mystery that I forgot about the editor from the prologue. I like the author being kind of a jerk and his ‘great work’ being artsy trash. If you like cozy murder mysteries you are going to like this book.

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