Spoiler-Free Review: A Husband’s Secret

“Oh Father, do you think any of us confess to you our real secrets?”

Cecilia Fitzpatrick has it all together. Three beautiful daughters, a wonderful, caring, hard working husband, a thriving Tupperware side hustle, her biggest problem: her daughter’s new found, depressing, obsession with the Berlin Wall.

One day she stumbles on a sealed letter her husband wrote years ago “in the event of my death.” She tries not to invade her husband’s privacy, but what did he write? A mushy love letter about how he loved her and the children? Then why was he so insistent that he not read it when she mentioned it on the phone? What is he hiding?

But in this town, the Fitzpatrick household isn’t the only one full of secrets.

I really liked this book. the twists and turns are very entertaining. I tend to prefer my detectives as little old ladies or catholic priests or private investigators, but that’s just me. It’s very Despite Housewives in it’s overall vibe.I highly recommend this book to mystery fans.

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