Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

“Snape raised his wand and pointed it directly at Dumbledore.
Avada Kedavra!

Author: J.K. Rowling

Ding Dong the wizard’s dead! He is dead, the wizard’s dead. Ding dong Dumbledore is dead!

I did not shed one tear over the death of this child endangering jerk!

Continuing my theme of the sub-par education going on at Hogwarts: Why didn’t Snape write his own potions textbook? Why is Hogwarts still using a textbook so old and badly written that the barley passing Harry can become the best student in the class with some margin notes? I repeat, why hasn’t Snape written a new textbook?

Another question: why doesn’t Hogwarts teach Latin? If Latin is the language of magic, why isn’t it required to learn Latin? Why would you make kids memorize Latin phrases instead of teaching them Latin? I’m disturbed that they aren’t teaching students the language and construction of magic, they are just making them memorize spells. Hogwarts is clearly teaching to the test, and I don’t like it!

Harry’s feelings for Ginny appear out of nowhere! Look I get that they are kids, but that was just a weird plot development. Question: Do Harry and Ginny fell attracted to each other because they were both “touched” by Voldemort? Just a question.

I realize that Harry is not going to jump to the conclusion that Dumbledore is asking Snape to mercy kill him at the end, but it was obvious to me that that was what was going on. I must admit that scene was well done.

I like what this book was going for, but the writing just doesn’t quit get there for me. Dumbledore is dead, but of course he has to send Harry and friends off on another dangerous quest before he dies.

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  1. Yeah, not that sad when Dumbledore died. *Shrugs* 🥱

    For a a school that’s supposed to be top-tier, they do seem to be missing a lot of valuable material. I’ve also wondered why Hogwarts doesn’t have any sort of ethics or social studies class. It makes me think, if Hogwarts is among the best schools, what are the lousy schools like?


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