Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark

“That must be the highest tree house in the world!”

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Anne are playing in the woods one day when they stumble upon a tree house. How long has that been there? Who build it? Why did they build it? Why is it filled with so many wonderful picture books? As Jack and Anne explore the tree house they find a book about dinosaurs, and absent mindedly wish to see one. Next thing Jack and Anne know they are inside a Michael Crichton novel!

Can Jack and Anne survive in the time of the dinosaurs? More importantly, can they get home before dark and their mother punishes them?

The first of the classic Magic Tree House books. Dinosaurs Before Dark is a great early chapter book. These books are a great way to introduce children to history. It’s not magic school bus or anything, but these books can be a great gateway to teaching about historical events. Although I hate putting reading levels on books, if you have a young reader ready of chapter books, I highly recommend these books.

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