Spoiler-Free Review: Half Magic

“The summer was a fine thing, particularly when you were at the beginning of it”

Author: Edward Eager

Jane, Mark, Kathrine and Martha know that this summer is going to be long and dull. While all their friends go on vacation, they are stuck in the city. A bored Jane wishes for something, anything exciting to happen, something like a fire!

You can imagine how shocked the children are when a fire truck does suddenly roll past their house. The children soon discover that they can get half of a wish. . . and you thought grammar was useless.

I love this book. Edward Eager was the first author I fell in love with. These books were the first time I tracked down and read everything the author wrote.

This is my go-to recommendation for a family read-a-loud bedtime book. It’s perfect for reading one chapter a night, as each chapter covers the chaotic fallout of each wish.

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