Spoiler Free Review: Knight’s Castle

Author: Edward Eager

When Rodger and Anne hear that their father needs an operation, they forget all about their plans for the summer. They don’t even mind being stuck with their bossy cousins all summer. If only magic was real so they could wish father better. . .

When one of Rodger’s toy soldier (that he is too old to play with and only puts out for display) comes to life and offers Rodger the chance to earn a wish, Rodger takes it. With is sister and cousins, Rodger embarks on a magical quest. . . in their pajamas.

Book 2 of the Tales of Magic series (sequel to Half Magic) I loved this book growing up. I built a toy city when I was a kid. This is a great read-aloud book. I highly recommend the whole tales of magic series to older elementary readers.

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