Review: Detective Comics # 27

Cover of Detective Comics # 27
“It’s the Bat-Man. Get him!”

Authors: Bill Finger, Bob Kane

Who is the “Bat-Man?” Commissioner Gordon puzzles over this mysterious figure with his friends, but there’s more important things happening tonight. Gordon has just gotten a report about a murder, and since this is the 1930’s he just invites his friends to the crime scene!

Gordon is one step behind the killer, that is until the “Bat-Man” arrives to. . . punch the criminal into a tank of acid?! WTF Batman!!

I know what you are thinking. Joker fell into a vat of chemicals. No. This crook was a bald, pudgy, middle age guy. No way is this guy the Joker. I know they later retconed this to be the Joker, but no.

I did like reading this little piece of comic book lore. By the way my strange formatting of the Bruce Wayne’s alter ego was intentional. Batman really was written “Bat-Man” in this comic. I found it cute.

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