Spoiler-Free Review: Magic By The Lake

“Now you’ve done it”

Author: Edward Eager

Now they’ve done it! leaving it to Jane, Mark, Kathrine, and Martha, they made a fool hearty wish in front of a magical turtle and now the lake where they are staying is filled with magic. Fortunately the children have had experience with magic wishing this summer. . . so you would figure they would be better at it.

The 3rd book in the Tales of Magic series is a direct sequel to the first book of the series. So why isn’t this the 2nd book? Because turtles are very long lived, and they just might know a thing or two about the future.

I know the order is confusing, but there is a fun nod to Knight’s Castle that sets up the 4th book in the series, so it really is worth reading it in order.

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