Spoiler-Free Review: City of Ghosts

“There’s a difference between wanting to stay and being too afraid to let go.”

Author: Victoria Schwab

Cassidy Blake nearly died last year. Jacob saved her life, and he’s followed her around ever since. It’s not creepy, Jacob is a ghost. . . okay so it is creepy. Look, Cassidy has never had a normal life. Her parents literally wrote the book on paranormal investigation, and they still don’t believe that Cassidy has been able to see ghosts after her near-death-experience.

When her parent’s book “The Investigators” gets picked up for a TV show, the whole family (with Jacob) head to the most haunted cities in the world to film the series. Cassidy soon finds herself (and Jacob) surrounded by ghosts, and they are not all friendly. What’s a girl and her ghost to do?

I really liked this book. Of course, I liked Supernatural back when it was about the boys driving into a new urban legend every week, so take that for what you will. I recommend this book to fans of supernatural mystery. It is a weird sub-genre but it is ours!

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