Spoiler-Free Review: The Thirteenth Fairy

Oh, profound happiness! A new book!

Author: Melissa de la Cruz

Filomena Jefferson-Cho has lived a very sheltered life. She escapes from her over-protective parents by spending her time in her favorite book series. So what is she to do when she gets the news that the thirteenth and final book in the Thirteenth Fairy series was never written?

Walking home, Filomena meets Jack Stalker. The hero of the Thirteenth Fairy series. That’s when Filomena realized she’s not going to read the last book in the series. . . she’s in it!

This was a fun book. I really liked Filomena as a protagonist. She comes off as a smart kid, but she’s still reacts and thinks like a kid. I was the kid for whom going to the book store alone to buy a new book would have been a bit of an adventure, so I get where she’s coming from.

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