Spoiler-Free Review: The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3)

“The Hero would be rejected by their people
yet, they would save them
Not a warrior, though they would fight
Not born a king, but would become one anyway
The Hero will bear the future of the world on his arms”

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Well now you’ve done it! The world is burning, an ancient evil has been released, and it looks like you killed the one person who kept the world from falling into chaos. These are our heroes.

I finished this book a few days ago. When I had to stop reading, I mourned for a moment. I didn’t want to leave this little world. I was so happy to find out that there are more books and I can stay in this world a little longer.

I really like how the characters have evolved over the course of these books. The character journeys were perfect. Vin and Elend felt like a true team, Sazed made me cry, and Spook finally became a character! It was great.

I highly recommend this series to fans of fantasy. It seams like a lot of stories have a plot twist just to have a twist. Mistborn earned those twists. The twists are genuinely surprising and really do change the flow of the story without breaking the logic of the character actions and the universe.

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