Review: My Weird School: Miss Daisy is Crazy

“I didn’t say anything funny!”

Author: Dan Gutman

A.J. is in second grade. He knows how the world works. He knows that school is pointless. What AJ never expected was that his teacher, Miss Daisy, would agree!

Miss Daisy doesn’t know how to do anything! She always asks the students to help her! Everyday she asks the kids to show her how to read words or workout math problems. At least second grade can’t be too bad if A.J. is smarter than the teacher.

I like Miss Daisy. I used to work in special ed, it never accord to me to play dumb and ask the kids to help me understand something. Well played Miss Daisy, well played. I like that Gutman never comes out and says Miss Daisy is playing the kids, but if you catch her winks and smiles, it’s clear she is. This is a great book to get kids talking about subtext since even young kids could pick up on what Miss Daisy is doing.

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