Spoiler-Free Review: Tunnel of Bones

“If it seems strange, the whole dead-best-friend thing, well it is, but it’s not the strangest thing in my life.”

By Victoria Schwab

Cass and Jacob are in Paris, and it’s not long before they run into some scary ghosts. This is getting to be a pattern guys. Good news: Jacob is proving that he can be scary too. Bad news: Cass is starting to think that Jacob might become a dangerous poltergeist.

Cass doesn’t want to loose her best friend, but she wants her soul pulled out of her body even less. Well this sucks, do you know how long it takes to make new friends when you see ghosts? Maybe if we ignore it it will be fine?

I like that this series is starting to explore the darker side of Jacob. hinting that he has the same urge to attack Cass as the other ghosts, but he controls it better. I look forward to seeing where this is going.

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