Spoiler-Free Review: Fables Vol. 7: Arabian Nights and Days

Well war is defiantly coming. To survive, Fabletown will need allies. The Fables will come face to face with one of the biggest challenges of their lives. Politics. The Arabian Homeland has send dignitaries to talk alliances, but can these very different Fables all work together?

I know this is where Fables starts getting controversial with many calling the series out for racism with the depictions of the Arabian Fables, and to be honest, I see it. While this does show some ignorance of Arab cultures, the Arabian fables are just that: Fables, mostly originating from a pre-Islamic Persia (Modern day Iran.) It’s not like the other Fables are perfect cultural representations of Medieval European cultures, nor do they try to be. Seeing new twists on fairy tale characters is why I like this series. I think it’s more important that the Arabian Fables are never looked down on or underestimated. If only real world politicians could manage that.

over all I like this story and the series itself is great!

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