I Read The First Bridgerton Novel… and I Don’t Know Why

With everyone talking about Bridgerton on Netflix, I did what any self respecting book lover would do. Avoided the series like the plague until I could read the book.

“A duel, a duel, a duel. Is there anything more exciting, more romantic … or more utterly moronic?”

Author: Julia Quinn

semantic sidenote: is it time that we update this phrase to “avoided like COVID” because I for one have no experience avoiding the plague, but avoiding COVID is something that I do have experience with.

So I read the first Bridgerton Novel: The Duke and I. I read this novel in large chunks in about 48 hours. I stayed up late into the night finishing this book, put it down, and asked myself “why did I do that?”

Admittedly I did like some parts, the little ‘meet cutie’ between Simon and Daphne was nice. I also like how protective the Bridgerton brother’s are, to the point where they have no problem involving themselves in their sister’s love life. This book sucked me in with its Jane Austin wit, then it morphs into a modern generic romance novel.

I know not everyone is Jane Austin, but did you have to lean into such modern trashy romance tropes? I was expecting some Maryann / Coronal Brandon level learning to love stuff from this book. At least I expected some Darcy / Elizabeth passive aggressiveness, but no such luck.

It’s not the worst book I’ve ever read. The plot move very quickly (again, read the whole thing in one weekend) but I have no intention to read the rest of the series.

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