Spoiler-Free Review: The Magic Treehouse # 9: Dolphins at Daybreak

book cover
Master Librarians

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

That’s it. Morgan is trying to kill Jack and Annie! It’s not like Annie needs anyone’s help getting into life threatening situations! I think Morgan used her magic to send sea creatures after Jack and Annie.

I will give the novel this: becoming a master librarian does indeed require solving a number of magical riddles, but I don’t see how Jack and Annie are going to complete a collection’s development project, wait, they already did the practicum of that when they gathered the four items for peanut, nevermind!

All joking aside The Magic Treehouse series really is a great book series for kids. If a kid in your life likes marine life (which is like every kid in the history of ever) they will really like this book.

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