Spoiler-Free Review: Kingdom of Ash and Briar

“Once upon a time, in a land long since burned to ash…”

Author: Hannah West

You know the story of Cinderella and her fairy godmother. You know all about the good fairy that eased Sleeping Beauty’s curse from death to sleep. But what’s the fairy godmother’s motivation?

I have read many re-imaginings of fairytales, but this was unique. It’s told from the point of view of the fairy godmother / good fairy. She’s not really a fairy, she is part of an immortal race that is in the middle of a civil war, using mortals as their pawns.

I really liked this book, and I honestly wasn’t expecting that I would like it. I was bracing myself for some Stepsister like twisting of these tales, but this was really good. I like that the classic fairytales you know are side plots in this story, while the real story is the civil war between the immortals. I highly recommend this book to fantasy nerds.

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